Release Attachment to the Outcome

June 21, 2013

Do you want something so badly that you think you’ll absolutely die if you don’t get it? Have you ever thought you couldn’t go on with life if someone you’re in love with doesn’t return your love? If you answer yes to both of these questions, you are very attached to the outcome. And by being so attached to the outcome, you may not get what you so fervently desire. Let me explain.

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One of the valuable laws I’ve learned is Deepak Chopra’s Law of Detachment. This law is based on the belief that the universe is abundant and there are unlimited possibilities. Because the universe is abundant, Chopra teaches us that we need to “relinquish the desire to manage circumstances and force solutions in order to manifest your desires.” He tells us to “focus our attention on what we desire, take necessary steps to achieve our dreams and then find security in the wisdom of uncertainty, by letting go of any attachment to the outcome.”

In my life, I have interpreted “letting go of any attachment to the outcome” as being synonymous with total surrender to the Universe and to God. I learned this so very well when I was wishing to recover from my kidney disease.


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Please allow me to use my experiences with my own kidney disease to illustrate how the Law of Detachment works.

  1. Focus our attention to what we desire. We need to always be clear on exactly what we are desiring. In my case, it was easy. My desire was to have a healthy kidney—whether it meant a miraculous healing of my kidney or manifesting a successful kidney transplant.
  2. Take necessary steps to achieve our dreams. Do everything you can to make your dreams come true. Don’t just sit there, be pro-active and do something! In my case, I educated myself all about kidney disease and different methods of healing. I studied the best kidney diets and ate foods that didn’t harm my kidneys. I exercised. I made sure I slept well. I made best efforts and did my part to heal my kidneys.
  3. Find security in the wisdom of uncertainty by letting go of any attachment to the outcome. Once I did everything I could to maintain my kidney functions and went through all the testings with my donor, I just let go of any attachment to the outcome. In other words, I didn’t worry about whether I would be a match with my donor, or if a transplant would be possible. I didn’t demand God to miraculously heal my kidney. Instead, I thanked God and the Universe for my life and all blessings bestowed on me already. I expressed my desire to be healed, but trusted God for whatever result was before me. I had faith that all would be as it should be, no matter what the outcome.

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When my kidney transplant was approved, I was ecstatic. My dream came true because I was focused on my desire. I had done all I could to achieve my dream. Finally, I released my attachment to the outcome and allowed God and the Universe to take full control of the situation.

I have used this example of how I manifested my kidney transplant to show how the Law of Detachment works. The great news is that you can apply the Law of Detachment to every aspect of your life. Whether you desire certain results in your relationships, your career, or your health, this law works! Indeed, it is a necessary law to incorporate in your life.


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Total surrender is so freeing. You don’t have to manage circumstances and force solutions. As long as you have done your part in fulfilling your desires, you just have to let everything go, and let God and the Universe do the rest. How divine is that? You don’t have to worry about the outcome. No matter what the outcome is, that is what was meant to be. Trust in a Higher Power to be taking care of every facet of your life and rest in that knowledge. Have peace in your heart truly knowing all is well and all is exactly as it should be.

Love & Light,

Mimi Luk

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Mimi Luk is a personal and professional life coach. Grateful to be alive as a kidney recipient, she is also a health and wellness advocate. Mimi has achieved her knowledge and insight from both personal and professional circumstances to allow her to become an empathetic coach. Her experiences have made her a true believer in the power of intent and the unlimited possibilities of transformation. Currently writing her first book, she believes it will inspire readers to begin their journey of self-discovery, and to have an abundant life filled with peace, love, and joy. Please contact Mimi for information on coaching sessions in-person, by phone, or online via Skype.

8 responses to Release Attachment to the Outcome

  1. Thanks for this. ‘Surrender’ isn’t the easiest practice. Its good to hear the experiences of someone for whom it has worked.

    • You are so welcome! Surrender is definitely not the easiest practice and is something you need to do in every situation on a daily basis. It always begins with an awareness of “letting go” and not trying to control or force situations. For sure, it has been one of the most difficult things I have learned to do, but am so grateful that I have. Take care and blessings to you.

  2. Thanks for this _(*)_ Surrender is a difficult aspect of co-creation, and your personal experience gives a much needed example of how it works.

    • Thank you for your comments, Jas. I am so happy that my personal experience helped to clarify how the process of surrendering works. Wishing you peace and joy always.

  3. Hello, thank you for this wonderful information and example. I do need your help with step three. Once I let go of my Desire and surrender to God, what should I do if I keep thinking about my desire? Should I just thank God every time the thought pops in my head? should I try to think of something else? Or can i just keep dreaming about it? thank you for your time.

    • Thank you for your comment, Tiffany. I’m so happy you liked my article. To answer your question, once you’ve let go of your Desire and surrendered to God, it’s fine to think about your Desire in a positive way ( i.e. that you WILL get your Desire), but don’t be attached to that desire. In other words, do not let yourself feel, think, or believe that you will be devastated if you don’t receive your desire or that you MUST have that desire. Releasing attachment to the outcome does not mean you need to stop thinking about your desire. Simply put, it just means that you have to know that if you don’t get the Desire, you will still be fine. You can thank God every time the thought pops in your head. Just keep the thoughts positive (“I will get my Desire” or “thank you God for granting my Desire”) and never negative (“I won’t get my Desire” or “What if God doesn’t grant me my Desire?”). If you trust in God, no matter what the outcome, whatever happens is what’s meant to be. Having this knowledge, you will feel peace in your heart and not be attached to the outcome.

      Hope this helps, Tiffany. I know it’s not easy to release attachment to the outcome and I would be happy to provide coaching to you if you wish further assistance. Please feel free to email me directly by clicking onto the “Contact Me” section of my website and I could provide you more information on my coaching services. Thank you for the opportunity to assist and support you, Tiffany. Blessings!

  4. Thank you so much for this insightful article.

    My situation is rather trite compared to your life-threatening situation, so, that, in itself helps me put things in perspective. I have been dating a man and going to tango dances with him for 2 1/2 years. Often, there are many more women than men at these dances, and everyone dances with everyone (we don’t dance with just our partners). I often feel frustrated and disappointed when I don’t get asked to dance much. I believe in women being allowed to ask men, and I do that quite often. But, sometimes it’s nice to BE asked. I want to learn not to get upset when I don’t get asked much, and just be OK with it. I tell myself beforehand that I’m going to do that, but I don’t seem to be able to accomplish that.

    Do you have any strategies you can offer on this?

    Thank you.

    • Thank you for reading my article and for your comment. I’ve taken ballroom dancing myself, so I entirely understand the situation. Because there are often more women than men in the classes, inevitably, some women will not have male dance partners for a particular dance. As such, my suggestion to you is that you not be attached to the idea of needing or wanting a man to ask you to dance every time. Say to yourself, ” It’ll be great if a man asks me to dance, but, if not, it’s okay, it’s not something I NEED. I can practice the steps on my own and enjoy it. I will be fine and feel okay whether or not someone asks me to dance”. Allow your mind to think this way, really believe it, and feel these thoughts in your body.

      I offer coaching sessions and would be happy to discuss this further and more in-depth with you. I can also give you additional strategies you can employ with this situation and any other situation in your life. Releasing attachment to the outcome has many aspects and is not necessarily easy to learn, but definitely possible to learn and to practice in your life in all situations. Please feel free to email me directly by going to the “Contact Me” section of my website and I’d be happy to email you back details of my coaching sessions and of how I could further support you.