Quotes To Inspire!

I am so grateful when people tell me they find my posts inspiring. My deepest desire is to empower and inspire you. I really want you to feel great about yourself, and be the best you can be and to embrace and celebrate life! For the first time, I’m providing my quotes on one page. Feel free to download these and share with your friends. Wishing you much Peace & Joy!

I believe in new beginnings! I believe in life!

i believe in new beginnings mimi luk



Life is precious. Treasure Every moment!

Life is precious Treasure Every moment Mimi Luk



Be in a constant state of gratefulness and see what happens!

Be in a constant state of gratefulness mimi luk



 Be Kind To Yourself!

Be kind to yourself mimi luk



 Live in the moment because it’s this moment that counts!

live in the moment mimi luk



 May you take some special moments for yourself today and rejuvenate.

may you take special moments mimi luk



 Have faith and be hopeful for good things to come!

Have faith be hopeful mimi luk



 Accept who you are and love who you are. You are special. You are valuable. You are worthy of love!

Accept who you are love mimi luk



 The true self is always grateful!

grateful true self mimi luk



 I don’t believe in luck, only blessings!

I don’t believe in luck only blessings mimi luk



 You hold the power within you!

you hold the power within mimi luk



 I was grateful for every breath I took!

I was grateful for every breath mimi luk



 Our thoughts become our beliefs, which in turn, become our reality!

Our thoughts become our beliefs reality mimi luk



 Forgive someone today who has hurt you!

forgive someone today mimi luk



The greatest life lessons are learned and the greatest transformations occur when you seem to be facing the darkest obstacles in your life. Be grateful for those obstacles.

the greatest life lessons mimi luk



 Don’t be distraught over past decisions or situations. Don’t fret about the future. Live in the moment!

Don’t be distraught past mimi luk



Breathe! Be grateful for all you have!

breathe be grateful mimi luk



 Calm your mind and be at peace!

calm your mind peace mimi luk



 Fortunately, you need not run to the hills to meditate!

you need not run hills meditate mimi luk




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