Meditation For Pain Relief

May 16, 2013

Can you meditate your pain away? In my last blog post, Meditate To Reduce Stress, I wrote about how meditation reduces stress and improves your health. Here, I will specifically address how meditation can reduce pain.

Meditation involves training the mind. By meditating, you can release stress and tension in your body caused by the pain that you are experiencing. When you feel pain, these feelings are not just physical, but are emotional and mental as well. By relaxing and focusing your mind on places and feelings other than the present pain, you can reduce your pain. It may take some time and practice to learn to reduce pain by meditating, but I encourage you to try it.

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One meditation technique, known as focused attention, is a form of mindfulness meditation where you concentrate on your breathing and not on your pain, thoughts, or emotions. Our perception, thoughts, and feelings affect how much pain we actually feel. Thus, we should adopt a mindset viewing pain not as an enemy, but as a comrade. Instead of hating the pain, send loving kindness to the part of the body that is experiencing pain. If we improve our relationship with pain, we can reduce and manage the pain better.

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Even a few minutes of daily meditation can assist in reducing pain. Some meditation techniques are as follows:

  1. Find a quiet place, sit comfortably, close your eyes, and focus inward
  2. Be aware of your body. Focus on your body’s physical sensations
  3. Visualize peaceful scenery or images (for me, it’s a scene at the beach, a flowing river, a tree firmly grounded, or a beautiful field of flowers)
  4. Breath deeply through your stomach
  5. Move your energy from your head to your toes, throughout your body. Visualize this
  6. Send loving kindness to every part of the body, especially to where you are feeling pain
  7. Visualize healing in the part of the body feeling pain
  8. Feel yourself pain-free. Visualize yourself being pain-free
  9. Say a mantra (repeated words, or phrases) to bring healing to your body
  10. Do yoga-based meditation.

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I first discovered I could meditate to reduce pain after I had surgery for my nasal septum deviation. I was in such excruciating pain after my surgery, no amount of painkillers relieved the pain in my nose. My friend told me that I should try meditation to reduce the pain and guided me through a meditation.

I began by closing my eyes and being aware of every inch of my body while breathing deeply. Next, I concentrated on drawing healing energy to my nose. I then sent love to my nose and thanked my nose by saying a mantra. My mantra was, “ I am sending healing energy and love to my nose. I am grateful for my nose.” I also visualized the pain leaving my nose. After meditating for 20 minutes, the pain lessened tremendously.

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I have used meditation to effectively reduce pain in other parts of my body at times when nothing else did. As a result, in some cases, I was also able to reduce or stop taking painkillers.

Meditation immediately helps you to be calmer, balanced, focused, and centered. In addition, it can help you reduce pain. We don’t necessarily choose pain, but we can choose how to respond and cope with it. You can alleviate pain by connecting with your inner self, bringing harmony to all your senses, and adopting a new mindset.

Wishing you a blessed state of well-being.

Love & Light,

Mimi Luk


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