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April 10, 2013

Traveling is one of my great passions. I discovered this passion when I had the privilege of traveling with the international musical and educational program, Up With People. In one year, we travelled through 35 states in the United States (including the beautiful islands of Hawaii), throughout China, and performed in the Superbowl Halftime Show in New Orleans. I will write more about my travels with Up With People in future blog posts as it certainly stands out as a very important time of my life. Since that marvelous year, my thirst for traveling only magnified. I am so grateful to have visited 48 countries so far. In fact, one of my goals is to see as much of this beautiful world as I can. These photos represent some of the amazing places I have been to.


Fort Lovrijenac or St. Lawrence Fortress in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

dubrovnik croatia castle Fort Lovrijenac

Traveling opens your eyes to humanity and allows your spirit to soar to new heights. You learn about other cultures and understand the responsibility of being a world citizen.


Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.

Instanbul, Turkey Sultan Ahmed Blue Mosque


Traveling makes you appreciate the similarities and differences between people, cultures, and countries. You allow yourself to receive random acts of kindness. In turn, you have the chance to show acts of kindness. You renew your faith in mankind. Most of all, you learn about yourself and grow with each new road you travel on.


Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland.

edinburgh castle scotland


In the future, I will be blogging about various countries I have been inspired to visit. Every country is a different adventure, bringing both challenges and tremendous joy. I feel so alive when I travel. I try to absorb as much as I can with each new destination.


East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany.
Mimi Luk Berlin Wall Germany


I hope to inspire you as I share the beauty and insight of all that I’ve been blessed to experience through my travels.

Love & Light,

Mimi Luk

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Mimi Luk is a personal and professional life coach. Grateful to be alive as a kidney recipient, she is also a health and wellness advocate. Mimi has achieved her knowledge and insight from both personal and professional circumstances to allow her to become an empathetic coach. Her experiences have made her a true believer in the power of intent and the unlimited possibilities of transformation. Currently writing her first book, she believes it will inspire readers to begin their journey of self-discovery, and to have an abundant life filled with peace, love, and joy. Please contact Mimi for information on coaching sessions in-person, by phone, or online via Skype.

2 responses to Inspirational Travels

  1. Vi sua postagem através do “Travel Photography (Travel Photos)” no Google+ mostrando a foto “Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque in Instanbul, Turkey.”
    From my blog post, Inspirational Travels. #travel #travelphotography #croatia #europe
    Adorei a foto! Estarei viajando no dia 08/Ago para Istambul e depois Grécia.
    Você tem alguma dica / sugestão sobre Istambul???

    Muito obrigado por sua atenção.
    Recife-Pe (Brasil)

    • Hi Getulio. I am so happy you like my photos. You are going to enjoy Istanbul so much. I suggest you visit the mosques and try to see the many different districts in Istanbul. Each district is so unique and offers something special. The markets are also fabulous. If you have a sweet tooth, sample some of the delicious Turkish delights which you will easily find in all the markets. Aso, if you have a chance, you may want to try the turkish baths as they are a nice and relaxing part of the Turkish culture. Plan to spend more time in Istanbul as there is so much to see and do. I will write a post about Turkey soon. Happy travels!

      Oi Getúlio. Estou tão feliz que você gosta minhas fotos. Você vai desfrutar de Istambul tanto. Eu sugiro que você visitar as mesquitas e tentar ver os muitos distritos diferentes, em Istambul. Cada distrito é tão único e oferece algo especial. Os mercados também são fabuloso. Se você tem um dente doce, provar alguns dos delícias turcas, que você vai encontrar facilmente em todos os mercados. Aso, se você tiver uma chance, você pode querer experimentar os banhos turcos como eles são uma parte agradável e relaxante da cultura turca. Plano para passar mais tempo em Istambul, como há muito para ver e fazer. Vou escrever um post sobre a Turquia em breve. Boas viagens!