Flowers To Inspire!

Photography is one of my passions. I particularly love capturing the beauty of flowers as their elegance and simplicity inspire me, and bring me such happiness. Flowers are so symbolic of life itself. There are no two flowers alike. Each has its own unique magnificence and I appreciate the individualistic qualities of each and every flower I encounter.

I hope my photos of flowers bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. May these photos inspire you and bring you down a path to experience nature in a meaningful way through my eyes. May your spirit soar as you come to appreciate life and all the beauty life has to offer.


Tulip festival agassiz Mimi Luk Canada



Tulip Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver Mimi Luk



Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver



lupins campbell valley Mimi luk



red white flower Mimi Luk



Tulips Mimi Luk Canada



flowers Mimi Luk meditation



flowers Mimi Luk Canada



lilac spring flower Mimi Luk



cherry sakura vancouver, Mimi luk



rhododendron meditate blog Mimi Luk



tulips Mimi Luk



flowers mimi luk



Yellow broom Vancouver Mimi Luk


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6 responses to Flowers To Inspire!

  1. You certainly know how to nudge the most beauty from your Flowery Subjects! You have an eye and intuition that serves you well. I do hope photography remains a lifelong medium for you. Thank you, and Yes!, they have gifted me with all you had hoped! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your kind and heart-felt comments! I’m so pleased that you’ve enjoyed my photos and I’m grateful they’ve inspired you! Photography, indeed, will remain a lifelong passion and medium for me to inspire myself and to inspire others! I am in my most creative state when I’m in nature and I just want to share the beauty of all I see and experience with the world. Thank you for appreciating what I see! 🙂

  3. very beautiful mimi luk. its awesome.

  4. Such is the beauty of nature, when God bestowes its bliss on every flower, in its own integrated individuation, sprouting spontenity with love to bloom to its full potential and splendour with its own rythem, frangence, existence to then expand of what we call bounty of nature, that moment of creation and going back to creator…you capture that moment in your camera…

    • Deepak, thank you so much for your lovely eloquent comments! You certainly have a wonderful way with words! I appreciate all you’ve said and you’ve certainly warmed my heart. I give thanks to the Creator and am always grateful and humbled by His beautiful creations. It is an honour and blessing for me to try to capture on camera, the beauty and magnificence of those wondrous creations. Wishing you peace, and joy always, Deepak.

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