Finding My True Self

March 25, 2013

It was not easy for me to find my true self. It took many, many years of being my everyday self before I realized that I wanted to live my life as my true self. You may ask, what is my true self and what is my everyday self?

In my previous post, What Joy Means To Me, I stated that the meaning of joy for me is being my true self. In this post, I would like to expand on my discussion of the true self.

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Deepak Chopra distinguishes the true self as opposed to the everyday self as follows:

The qualities of the everyday self and the true self are actually very different:

1. The true self is certain and clear about things. The everyday self gets influenced by countless outside influences, leading to confusion.

2. The true self is stable. The everyday self shifts constantly.

3. The true self is driven by a deep sense of truth. The everyday self is driven by the ego, the unending demands of “I, me, mine.”

4. The true self is at peace. The everyday self is easily agitated and disturbed.

5. The true self is love. The everyday self, lacking love, seeks it from outside sources.


Find Your True Self

All five of the qualities listed above describing the true self must be incorporated into your mind, body, and spirit before you can find your true self. In order to have a life full of peace and love, you require certainty, clarity, consistency and being driven from a deep sense of truth. All five qualities work together to give you complete balance to be your true self.

I would add one more item. The true self is always grateful. When you are grateful, there is no room for fear, worry, or stress. For when you are grateful, you recognize and are thankful for what you have, and for whatever circumstance you are in—knowing with all your heart, that everything is as it should be and that all is well.

It has been a conscious decision for me to always be my true self. I strive to never let my everyday self, which gets tangled up in everyday life, and is full of stress, fears and insecurities, to overtake and replace my true self. I choose to live my life in a powerful state of certainty, clarity, consistency, peace and love—love for myself, love for others, and indeed, love for humanity.


May you be inspired to embark on your journey to find and be your true self.


Love & light,

Mimi Luk

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Mimi Luk

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Mimi Luk is a personal and professional life coach. Grateful to be alive as a kidney recipient, she is also a health and wellness advocate. Mimi has achieved her knowledge and insight from both personal and professional circumstances to allow her to become an empathetic coach. Her experiences have made her a true believer in the power of intent and the unlimited possibilities of transformation. Currently writing her first book, she believes it will inspire readers to begin their journey of self-discovery, and to have an abundant life filled with peace, love, and joy. Please contact Mimi for information on coaching sessions in-person, by phone, or online via Skype.

12 responses to Finding My True Self

  1. I am really looking forward to reading your blog more. I am in a rough patch in my life, and I think your blog could really help me. So far the posts have been good reading. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world.

    • Hi Candace. I am sorry to hear that you are in a rough patch in your life, but am so happy if my blog can help you. Thank you for sharing your comments with me. Stay positive and I believe my next posts will assist you further. Remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself. Take care, Mimi.

  2. Great post Mimi. I really enjoyed reading that and being reminded of the great life that is our true self.

    • Hi Kevin. Thank you for your kind comments. I am so happy that you enjoyed reading my post. We all need to be reminded of the great life that is our true self 🙂

  3. Great post Mimi! I strive to live my “true” self as well…at times I must admit that it can be challenging not to slip into “everyday” self. I must be fully present, in the moment, and mindfully aware, otherwise my everyday self sneaks up on me! I suppose this is the challenge we all face isn’t it? Thanks Mimi!

    • Thank you, Joanne! Yes, I can definitely relate to how easy it can be to let “everyday” self surface especially as “life happens”. I completely agree that we must always be fully in the present, in the moment, and mindfully aware in order to live an empowered life as our true self. Thank you for sharing with me, Joanne.

  4. jean brouwers June 9, 2013 at 1:52 am

    hi Mimi,
    it’s great of you to help your “neighbours”..
    true self …may be is to find “our” way of living…and also to be helped to be guided in our research..
    to day in politics we are driven to be an individualist..making our own decision and to feel responsible of ourself (success ou failure) …but we have the choice to follow the mainstream or our own prospectives and make our life true…
    so true self is a state that some times we manage but it is not a “gained right”….
    i’m a french speaker: hope you understand me…best regards Mimi (from john (in french jean))

    • Hi Jean! Thank you for your comment. I understand you! Yes, when you are your true self, you have clarity and are driven by a deep sense of truth, thereby freeing yourself to be who you were meant to be. It is a state of being that allows you to be at peace. Best wishes to you, Jean!

  5. Hi Mimi, thanks for finding your True Self and for being a great inspiration to so many people. The more people awakening to their inherent greatness within is what thrusts humanity forward where we all are living the essence of who we really are.

    • Thank you so much, Jim, for your wonderful comment. I really appreciate your kind words and your warm spirit. Yes, the more people that find their True Self, the better this world will be, as people align their mind, body, and spirit and immerse themselves in love for themselves, for others, and indeed, for humanity. Love and light to you, Jim.