De-Stress By Simplifying Your Life

May 8, 2013

How do you simplify your life? Do you sell all your worldly possessions and join a monastery? For most of us, I suspect that would not be an option. However, there are practical ways to simplify your life which will result in reducing stress.

In my last blog post, Simple Ways To Reduce Stress, I listed ways to de-stress. Now, I’ll discuss in more detail my suggestion to lower your stress level by simplifying your life.

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One way to simplify your life is to de-clutter. Only keep those items you need. Less is more. Make space in your home and work environment so that positive energy flows freely. Create a peaceful atmosphere. Let your surroundings inspire you.

Once you have gotten rid of items that you don’t need, get organized in your home and at work. Know where everything is so you don’t waste valuable time looking for things. Buy shelving units or little boxes and compartments (label them too) to get organized. We all know how stressful it is when you’re in a hurry to leave and can’t even find your keys!

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Simplify your life by having only healthy relationships. Who are you spending time with? How much time are you spending with them? Are these people positive and do they make you feel good about yourself?  Are you happy when you are with them or do they make you feel bad? Are these people negative and drain you? Do they bring out the best in you or the worst? Are you a better person by having them in your life?

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Be careful of toxic relationships. Evaluate your relationships and determine if you are in one that you know is not healthy for your mind, body, or spirit. It may be time to end that relationship, no matter how difficult it may be. Being around negative or needy people can influence you and have a detrimental effect on your life. You can consciously choose to have a thriving, positive, abundant life filled with amazing people or you can choose to remain in toxic relationships which cause you stress.

You decide who you want to have in your life. It’s your choice. If you choose to end toxic relationships, you will be amazed at how much lower your stress level becomes and how much happier you will be.

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I realize that some of us may have family members who are not very positive and it may not be so easy to end those relationships. However, in those circumstances, consider getting professional guidance for those loved ones to help them become healthier in their mind, body, and spirit (a life coach perhaps :)). They will thank you. You will be much more stress-free once they adopt a positive mindset, and begin living a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

May you experience the joy of simplifying your life! Wishing you all a peaceful and stress-free life.

Love & Light,

Mimi Luk

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