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Can you meditate your pain away? In my last blog post, Meditate To Reduce Stress, I wrote about how meditation reduces stress and improves your health. Here, I will specifically address how meditation can reduce pain.

Meditation involves training the mind. By meditating, you can release stress and tension in your body caused by the pain that you are experiencing. When you feel pain, these feelings are not just physical, but are emotional and mental as well. By relaxing and focusing your mind on places and feelings other than the present pain, you can reduce your pain. It may take some time and practice to learn to reduce pain by meditating, but I encourage you to try it.

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Meditation is a wonderful way to clear your mind, focus inward, reduce stress, and improve your health. Meditation can assist with health issues such as reducing high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. In my next blog post, Meditation For Pain Relief, I will write about how meditating can even control physical pain. If you have never meditated before, I encourage you to try it. Although it may seem very difficult at first, with practice, it does get easier.
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Stress is more harmful to your health than you may realize. Long periods of stress will take its toll on your body, and even result in illness and disease. If you already have an illness or disease, stress will only make the situation worse.

My personal experience with having extremely high blood pressure before my kidney transplant forced me to become an expert at lowering my stress level. It wasn’t optional for me to lower my blood pressure. It was mandatory. My life depended on it.

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