Be Kind To Yourself!

July 8, 2013

How often are you your own worst enemy? Do you judge yourself harshly? Do you come down on yourself when you think you’ve made a “mistake?” Please don’t! Love yourself enough to be kind to yourself.


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I was the eternal perfectionist (sometimes, I still am, but I’m working on it). Ever since I was young, I would be the first to judge and punish myself when I thought I had done something wrong, or if I thought I could have done something better. I was the judge, jury, and executioner!

I didn’t need anyone to punish me. I would feel so awful that no one could make me feel worse than I already did! I would have so many negative thoughts when I believed I had made a poor decision, or if I had harmed someone or something.


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Questions would play over and over in my head: How could I have been so stupid? How did I make such a bad decision? What was I thinking of? I would be ladened with regret and remorse. I would be overcome with grief and worry.

The irony is that I was then, and still am, a firm believer in not judging others. I respect others’ opinions and feelings, and consciously try never to be judgmental of others. What an epiphany I had when I discovered that, although I don’t judge others, I’m the first to judge myself! It really falls in line with when I used to not love myself. It was easy for me to love others, but not so easy to love myself. Similarly, it was natural for me to show compassion to others, but not to myself.


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When I finally learned to love myself (please read my blog post, Learning to Love Yourself), I realized that I had to forgive and be kind to myself. What a revelation! I discovered I had to accept who I am—someone who may make mistakes. We’re all only human. As humans, we sometimes make mistakes, or do or say things we’re not proud of.

What’s important is to recognize what we’ve done, and to learn from our mistakes and move on. Don’t keep dwelling on those negative thoughts. Stop regretting decisions you made in the past. Leave the past behind! Don’t worry about the future. Just be in the present moment.



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Make a decision to be a better person. Be determined not to repeat past errors and undesirable behaviour. Forgive yourself, then let it all go. Move forward. Embrace yourself. Embrace life. Know you’re a wiser person with insight. You’re the sum of your experiences. Be grateful for those experiences which have assisted in your personal growth and transformation.

Even if everything is going wonderful in your life, still take time to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself to something special (a relaxing massage, perhaps). Give yourself a gift (pick some fresh flowers for your room). Smile at yourself in the mirror. Feel good about yourself. Just as you show kindness to others, always show kindness to yourself.

In loving kindness,

Mimi Luk

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Mimi Luk is a personal and professional life coach. Grateful to be alive as a kidney recipient, she is also a health and wellness advocate. Mimi has achieved her knowledge and insight from both personal and professional circumstances to allow her to become an empathetic coach. Her experiences have made her a true believer in the power of intent and the unlimited possibilities of transformation. Currently writing her first book, she believes it will inspire readers to begin their journey of self-discovery, and to have an abundant life filled with peace, love, and joy. Please contact Mimi for information on coaching sessions in-person, by phone, or online via Skype.

4 responses to Be Kind To Yourself!

  1. Mimi – just wanted to let you know I’ve included you as one of my nominees for this award on my site (

    Thank you for your writing and your support!

    • Thank you, Pat! I am so honoured and thrilled that you’ve nominated me for this wonderful award on your website! I am so grateful to you for all the support you’ve shown me. Warm wishes and many blessings to you, dear friend!

  2. This is so inspiring. Thanks a lot Mimi for writing this blog!

    • I am so happy and grateful that this blog inspired you, Prachi! Always remember to be kind to yourself! You are so special and so deserving of kindness!!